your guide to creating a balanced, seasonal, and sustainable diet

Our mission is to simplify. 

We move from the cues of nature to fill our plates. When we move with the rhythm of nature we begin to desire what nature has to offer. Nature is very smart, self-correcting, and always has the antidote for what ails you.


Timing is everything. 

Timing when you eat, based on the rhythm of your day, can make all the difference in your energy levels, your sleep-wake cycles, and mood. When we find the right timing for meals and the right amount of time in between those meals, the struggles with mood, hunger, and energy levels gently fall away.


We live in a time of food abundance. 

High quality, nutrient-dense food is satisfying. Low quality foods leave us wanting more. There is power in regularly choosing nutrient dense foods in sufficient quantity. When we take even just a few days each month to measure and record meals we gain insights into our natural patterns. Self-knowledge is the power of yourgoodcarma.


80% of your body composition and functionality is determined by your diet. 

Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat is paramount to operating at your best. The information to help make food decisions easier is here. yourgoodcarma is your resource to embark on a journey through a balanced, seasonal, sustainable, meal plan.


Hi! My name is Carolyn Marie (Carma for short:) 

I am a wife, mother, nutritionist, yogi, and lifelong student.

As a nutritionist, I crunch numbers. I count calories and calculate percentages of protein, carbohydrate, fat, alcohol, and fiber. I make recommendations based on evidence-based scientific formulas.

All very technical and rational.

But as a home cook feeding a family, I vacillate between the rules of the formula or recipe and the time of the year tuning into what feels right for the day or the season.

As a yogi, I respond to a disciplined routine... rise, meditate, practice. But my experience as a mother has taught me that nothing is truly under my control.

I follow the evidence-based rules and the scientific recommendations. I also know that skirting the rules is human and often just as important. As much as I am trained in the rational measured approach, I also believe in the nonrational and do not have to be convinced that there is so much more to us than meets the eye.

At yourgoodcarma, we appreciate the system so that results follow but we are also flexible so that following the system is sustainable.

I got you, my friend, let's head down this road together.


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