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You need to make multiple decisions every day.
Included in those decisions you need to decide what, when, and how much to eat.
You want the meals you create to support your busy life but also be easy to make and delicious to eat.
yourgoodcarma is your resource for balanced meal suggestions, current fresh local produce, and lifelong healthy habits. is not a diet site

Every diet is a manipulation of food choices.

Diets that dictate and restrict are not sustainable.  

Once we tire of being manipulated, we go back to old habits. is your resource for trying measured and tested meal suggestions so that you can choose what works for you. is not a recipe site.

At you will not need fancy equipment or even chef skills.

You will find easy ideas to use right away.

We are not chefs.

We are home cooks who are feeding ourselves and our loved ones. is not a nutrition tips and tricks site

At best, our news feeds leave us confused about nutrition. 

At worst, we head in the wrong direction.

Find step-by-step tools at yourgoodcarma.

Gradually you will become intuitive in your nutrition choices. is not a substitute for medical care.

While eating well can make a huge difference in your health, only You, Your Doctor, and Your Registered Dietician Nutritionist can ultimately decide what, when, and how much to eat is right for you. is here to help you along the way.

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Your resource for

  • evidence-based
  • macronutrient balanced,
  • calorie-counted,
  • seasonal,
  • and sustainable meals. 


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Reverse engineer the old standard of how meals are created.
Begin with a seasonal vegetable and then build a meal by adding in lean protein and healthy fats.
Keep it macronutrient balanced and calorie specific to your goals.

To get help with your plan, join the seasonal reset.

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