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Below you will find products that we have purchased and use regularly. When you stock your kitchen through my links, I receive a small commission. (About enough to cover a coffee; double espresso please:) This commission comes to me at no additional cost to you. I am grateful for your patronage and thank you for your good carma!

Your new best friend!

Protect your surfaces. 

Fill, rinse, dry, repeat. 

Your everyday driver

Accuracy is key to success. 

A true chef's staple!

Step into your bright future in food!

A sublime skillet that levels up everything. 

Cutting board or charcuterie party?

Steamed veggies have never been so easy!

This one has a hole!

You'll never look back to plates again!

dinner is ready   

everything stockpot  star of soups & sauces

master that cool pan flip with this slope side skillet 

pour and drain saucepan, you're covered.


cooking for a crowd


everything good nothing sticks


If you want to pick just one ~ this is the one 


roast trays of veg for now and later 


clean up time is now free time 

Let's Get Cooking

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Get more out of your greens.

Juice with precision and power!

Fresh squeezed anyone?

Shakes and smoothies have never been easier. 

Big power in a small package!

Big power in a small package... but in purple!

Reliable and powerful! Ninja.

A true professional powerhouse of a blender.

Meet the Breville Bambino! A perfect cup, every time.

Equal Exchange, organic coffee.

Mr. Coffee. 

The most sustainable coffee in the world

so beautiful and functions beautifully

Silicone brushes for butter, oils, and all your sauce spreading needs!

Classic wooden spoons. A true kitchen staple!

ouch! these tongs don't pinch

Clean up and scrape down with silicone spatulas  


remove the guesswork of is it done?

these containers happily hold meal prep or leftovers 

smashing cooking skills!

airtight seal and stackable plastic pair perfectly with a meal to go!

this sturdy french whisk is a smooth operator


since 1858 and still the most useful kitchen container

"Carolyn's intentional method has been nothing but a savior for my diet. What I thought was impossible became an easy practice. I would tell everyone to subscribe."

-Joe H 
yes, I want good carma

Stemless, elegant wine glasses. 

perfect gift to go 

The more the merrier!

Stemless, elegant wine glasses. 

Protect your immune system with these flavorful tablets!

Amp up your electrolytes with Superieur citrus.

Energize for activity with nuun sport.

Amp up your electrolytes with Superieur watermelon!


hot when you want hot, cold when you want cold

wide mouth easy to drink easy to clean 


See what you drink, drink what you see.

When you stock your kitchen with the perfect equipment, tools, & ingredients through my links, I receive a small commission.  (About enough to cover a coffee; double espresso please:) This commission comes to me at no additional cost to you. I am grateful for your patronage and thank you for your good carma!

Pure, plain, protein powder  - perfect.

Teras whey protein powder.

Orgain, original vanilla protein powder. 

Vega, plant-based vanilla protein powder.

Kos Spirulina Powder

Liquid Formula Vitamin D3

Zinc Magnesium

hemp seed


cracked freekeh

chia seed

hemp seed

pancake mix

basmati rice

jasmine rice

quick-cooking rolled oats

flax chia

Monini Premium EVOO


Trader Joe's Premium EVOO


Colavita EVOO


California Olive Ranch EVOO & Avocado Oil

Fuel your best life. 


If you are looking to create a healthier diet without extremes, your good carma has brought you to the right place.


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